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Patient Care Extern Packet


The staff of Memorial Hospital wants to support nursing students by providing a new avenue to experience and observe excellent patient care. The externship will assist in coping with reality shock, developing competence with technical skills, and adaptation to the new role that many newly graduated nurses experience. The extern program allows nursing students during their last year of school to shadow RNs and observe the work flow on several units throughout the hospital. This assists students in finding what clinical areas they are drawn to and provides confidence in weighing options for employment after graduation.


The nurse extern program is available to students that are within one year of graduation from an accredited ADN or BSN program. The flexible program was designed to allow externs unique opportunities to develop and demonstrate their potential for assuming clinical leadership responsibilities in nursing practice. Each externship will expire at the time of graduation or at the time of transfer into another position at Memorial.

The externs will complete a customized hospital orientation in the Professional Development department and will work under the scope of practice outlined in the job description.

Be sure to fill out the patient care application form as well as the packet below.


1. To assist in developing the foundation of student nurses so that they may be able to deliver high quality care.

2. To allow student nurses to observe the “real world” and discover which areas
they are most comfortable.

3. To assist the student nurse in developing leadership skills and technical skills necessary to provide excellent patient care.


  • Be within the last year of school in an accredited nursing program.
  • Proof of continued enrollment by providing transcripts, class schedule, and grades maintaining >2.5 GPA.
  • Two letters of recommendation by instructors
  • Provide BLS certification
  • After receiving the online application, resume, and packet information, the student will be contacted for an interview with Employment Services at which time details of the program will be discussed including salary, scheduling, and the units that will be available to work in.
  • After the student is offered and accepts an externship, they will be required to complete a pre-hire appointment that includes a background check and health assessment, sign a Memorandum of Understanding, and attend hospital orientation.

**Any violation of the criteria above may result in immediate termination from the Externship Program**

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