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3D Mammograms

With early detection of breast cancer, the 5-year survival rate is almost 100%. Call us today to schedule your 3D Mammogram.

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What Should I Expect During My 3D Mammogram?

The process of a 3D mammogram is very similar to a conventional 2D mammogram. The technologist positions you, compresses your breast, and takes images from different angles. With a 2D exam, a woman gets two X-rays of each breast, from top to bottom and side-to-side. With three-dimensional imaging, the machine moves around the breast in an arc, taking multiple X-rays from different angles. This technology allows doctors to examine your breast tissue layer by layer.

What are the Advantages to a 3D Mammogram?

Instead of viewing the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below.

• Better, earlier detection
• Increased accuracy
• Greater peace of mind

Ask your provider to request the 3D tomosynthesis mammogram when writing the order for this screening mammogram.*

4 Locations for Memorial 3D Mammograms

*Please verify this screening mammogram is covered by your insurance.