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Connect Your Health Management Apps

Memorial Hospital is dedicated to helping improve your overall health care experience by providing convenient, streamlined resources to help you better manage your health. We now offer the ability for you to securely connect your health record to some of the health management apps you may use (i.e. fitness trackers, dietary trackers, etc.). This new process provides access to your health and wellness data in an app of your choosing that will enable you to make informed choices.

Apps Currently in the Connection Process:

  • Samsung Health
  • Apple Health
  • Stridekick

Third-Party Application Disclaimer:
Please be advised that Memorial does not endorse any specific health information mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as “Third-Party Apps”.) Memorial did not develop, and does not own, manage, or provide customer support for any Third-Party Apps; and accordingly, Memorial hereby explicitly disclaims any warranty or guarantee as to the utility or security of such Third-Party Portal Apps. Such Third-Party will not include the same features as are available in the Patient Portal itself, and such applications may also charge a user fee. Memorial recommends the patient to carefully review terms and conditions of use of any Third-Party App prior to downloading and utilizing such Third-Party App.

If you would like to self-enroll in myMemorialConnection, click here.

Request an Application to Connect

This form is to request third-party apps (such as Apple Health, Samsung, Fitbit, etc.) be connected to your Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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Apps Currently in the Connection Process: Samsung Health, Apple Health, Stridekick