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Pay Your Bill

Online bill pay is fast, easy, and secure!

Online Bill Pay Portal

There are two ways to pay online:

  • Click the Online Bill Pay Portal button above or the Pay A Bill button at the top of the page.
  • Click the myMemorialConnection link at the top of the page to pay your bill and monitor your health and wellness.

Help with Online Bill Pay:

Call Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Customer Service at (228) 867-4108 or (800) 844-0735 for any of the following:

  1. If you want to make a payment over the phone.
  2. If you want to make a payment on a specific charge.
  3. If your access code fails to access your online balance.
  4. If you do not agree with the amount of your online balance.

Call Technical Support at (877) 621-8014 for the following issues:

  1. If you are having trouble with the function of the Online Bill Pay site.
  2. If you made a payment with Online Bill Pay and it did not immediately reflect on your new balance.

Payment Posting:

  1. You will have one balance which includes all charges.
  2. The balance is subject to change depending upon changes regarding additional charges/payments to your account.
  3. No charges for services prior to June 14, 2014 will be included in this balance.
  4. A payment made through Online Bill Pay will post to your first bill owed.
  5. You cannot pay select charges. If you wish to make a payment on a specific charge, you must call or visit Customer Service at (228) 867-4108 or (800) 844-0735.
  6. Charges will be available to pay online for 120 days from statement date. The balance will then be transferred to our partner, HFA, for payment arrangements if not paid in full in 120 days.
  7. In addition to the bill from Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, you may also receive bills from physicians who may have provided services (Ex: radiologists, consulting physicians, etc.). This amount will not be included in your balance. You will need to contact their office directly.

Online Bill Pay Refund Policy:

The Customer Service Department will work with you to resolve any billing discrepancies that may occur. If there is an overpayment to your account, it will be refunded to the appropriate party. Please allow a minimum of four weeks for a credit balance to be processed.