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Faces Behind the Mask

On March 11, 2020, Memorial confirmed its first positive case of COVID-19. "Faces Behind the Mask" chronicles the stories of the healthcare workers who have been the driving force of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This series takes a deep dive into the what it has taken to get us this far: the ongoing teamwork, the ever-changing logistics, the community support that helped keep spirits high, but also the trials and tribulations and the emotional toll that has been taken from those on the frontlines of this battle. This is a continuing series that will be updated throughout the month of March, so check back often as we reveal more “Faces Behind the Mask.”

A Message from Kent Nicaud

President and CEO

Our community, along with the rest of the world, has been tested in countless ways throughout the last year. At the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic are the faces behind the masks, our healthcare heroes who have focused on one common purpose – keeping our community safe.

I have witnessed firsthand an unmatched dedication from our team members. Each day, they have provided essential services during a pandemic that has tragically taken the lives of more than a million worldwide.

This month, we know that the focus will be on how the virus has ravaged our community. However, I encourage you to consider another perspective, one of hope, in honor of our healthcare heroes. Hope encourages us and plants the seed to possibilities, offering strength and stamina.

As we begin to see some light shining through with the rate of hospitalizations declining and the increase in vaccine availability, we can imagine a new tomorrow. Know that as Memorial continues to define and envision this, we will seek new opportunities and seize them for the betterment of our community. We have the power to not just hope for a better tomorrow, but to define it by the choices we make.

Please continue to protect yourself and those you love by following recommendations from the CDC and the Mississippi State Department of Health. Stay vigilant as we navigate this global health crisis together, more than one year later. Finally, understand that we are your partners in health and we will continue to work toward our mission of building a healthier community.

We are Memorial.

Watch as President & CEO Kent Nicaud describes what it’s been like at Memorial this past year.

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Part 2

Listen to the Stories of Our Heroes

“I have the greatest coworkers there are. Because in times of need, in times of stress, in times of illness, sickness whatever it is, we’ve really pulled together. That’s what makes us a family.”

Emergency Department

“If there’s anything good that’s come out of COVID, it’s the kindness that’s been shared. We’ve definitely had a lot of community support. We have to rely on each other heavily, to make it through sometimes every hour.”


“It’s been a rough year. The nurses, the doctors, the physical therapists, housekeeping… we could’ve never done what we’ve done if it hadn’t been a team effort.”

Brandi & KD
Respiratory Therapists

“Being a COVID case manager has made me a different person, it has made me a stronger person. I’m a nurse of almost 34 years and I’ve always valued life and thought it was important, but COVID takes no prisoners.”

Case Manager

“We want we want your family member to survive. It doesn’t matter if they’re 20 or 90 years old. We have their best interest at heart.”


“Patients, especially on the Covid floor, they can’t have visitors. That nurse is their link. It’s really tough sometimes because we know what’s going on and you’re just trying to put on a brave face.”


“We train for things like this, but we don’t want it to ever happen, and when it does, it can take a toll – the feelings of grief, the feelings of being scared.”

Emotional & Spiritual Support Team