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Her Story, Our Promise: Dr. Abha Mishra and the Women Shaping Healthcare

Dr. Abha Mishra
Dr. Abha Mishra

As Women’s History Month unfolds, it’s essential to spotlight the exceptional women who have made significant contributions in their fields, shaping the landscape of healthcare and inspiring future generations. Dr. Abha Mishra, a distinguished Neurologist at Memorial, stands out as a beacon of excellence and mentorship, exemplifying dedication, compassion, and innovation in her role.

She was nominated for this spotlight by a colleague who shared, “Dr. Mishra inspires everyone to give their very best to our patients every day. She is very passionate about her work. She uses her energy and time, sacrificing her family life, for the sake of patients in need. She maintains a strong work ethic while showing compassion and empathy to her patients in some of the most trying moments of their lives. She was recently awarded the recognition of “Preceptor of the Year” for one program she precepts with. The residents learn a lot from her, both in medical and business, and often request to come back for a second rotation. This speaks volumes to me. Dr. Mishra puts her patients, their health, and their needs above all else. If there is a need she can’t help with, she will refer the patient and do what it takes to get the patient the help they need.”

A Legacy of Dedication

Dr. Mishra has left an indelible mark on her patients and colleagues alike. Since July 2007, she has dedicated herself to advancing neurology care and nurturing the next generation of medical professionals at Memorial and beyond.

Her average day is a testament to her unwavering commitment to patient care and medical education. Starting in the early morning, she diligently tackles paperwork before immersing herself in a busy schedule of clinic visits, hospital rounds, and neurodiagnostic clinics. Her days are filled with consultations, examinations, and collaboration with medical residents, ensuring comprehensive care for her patients. After time with family, including her three “fur babies”, she ends her day completing medical records, usually around 11 p.m.

Honoring Women’s Contributions in the Workforce

When considering women who joined the workforce before her, Dr. Mishra reflects, “Women’s representation in the medical profession has been increasing over the years. I can’t imagine what the working conditions would have been for those pioneering women in the early days, but conditions have been steadily improving for women in the healthcare workforce. Now in certain areas of work, women constitute the majority. It has been a sea change from the early years.”

Finding Inspiration in Family

“In my childhood, I had drawn inspiration for hard work from my mom who managed our family affairs very efficiently. My professional inspiration came from my dad who is a physician and continues to inspire me even today,” Dr. Mishra adds.

Regarding what she wishes more people knew about women in the workplace, Dr. Mishra says, “Working women juggle between their responsibilities towards their families, parents, siblings, and work, in a perfectly balanced way to the extent that they can. People should realize that women in the workplace wear various hats and should be treated as true heroes in whatever they do. Women have proven time and again to be reliable and efficient professionals and deserve respect for their professionalism and hard work.”

Dr. Mishra’s pioneering spirit, compassionate approach, and commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to all!

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