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April 2024 Daisy Award Honoree – Colin Steenkamp, RN

“My mom was a patient for 18 days in the ICU, and she passed away on 2/7/2024. When my mom first went to ICU, her nurse Colin came in and explained everything to me ~ how she was doing and what he was doing. He’s always listened to what I had to say and answered any questions I had. Even when he wasn’t her nurse, he always stopped in to see how she was doing. I’m so thankful for what he has done and how took care of my mother with such compassion. He was very devoted to giving my mom the best care while she was there. He always offered me something to drink when I came to see my mom. He made a huge impression on me with the way he cared for my mom and supported me when I need to talk, or have some questions answered. He would be the first nurse I would ask for if I ever have another family in the ICU. Thank you so much for your hard work, Colin. I really appreciate everything you did for my mom and for your support.”

Thank you, Colin, for the exceptional care you provide our community! Colin was Memorial’s first Daisy recipient in 2019.

In addition, the following nurses were nominated for the Daisy Award in April:

  • Lauren Bertucci, RN – L&D
  • Pamela Watts, RN – L&D
  • Maesyn Cuevas, RN – L&D
  • Tessa Davidson, RN – L&D
  • Lynda Howze, RN – NICU
  • Melissa Cade, RN – M/B
  • Kimberly Carroll , RN – M/B
  • Stephanie Toler, RN – Cardiac Obsv
  • Amanda Frank, RN – Cath Lab
  • Marlee Freely, RN – O/P Cardio
  • Arianna Selg, RN – 4AB
  • Dana Carter, RN – 7C
  • Brent Johnson, RN – 7C
  • Kristen Williams, RN – 7B
  • Lidia Castillo, RN – 7A
  • Lexie Fava, RN – 6D
  • Natalie Konrick, RN – 6D
  • Amber Littlefield, RN – 6D
  • James Wood, RN – 6D
  • Julie Taylor, RN – 6D

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