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2023 Year in Review

As we approach the end of 2023, I’m taking a moment to look back on the journey our team has shared this year. It’s been a period of challenges and achievements, with each team member playing a crucial role in shaping our health system.

In Mississippi’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, your steadfast commitment to our community has been essential. The Mississippi Hospital Access Program (MHAP) required a collective effort, and I’m incredibly proud of Memorial’s role in securing an estimated $700 million annually in additional Medicaid funds for Mississippi hospitals.

The economic turnaround we’ve experienced this year has been truly transformative. I understand the challenges and tough decisions we faced together. Our team’s adaptability and dedication to operational excellence have significantly contributed to our economic recovery and set the stage for sustainable growth.

This year, we welcomed several new team members to our administration, including Chief Financial Officer William Barrette, Chief Nursing Officer Mary Brobst, Chief Medical Officer Shawn Dufford, M.D., Controller Jason Lynn, and Vice President of Revenue Cycle Wade Wright. Amid changes in administrative leadership, I want to express heartfelt gratitude to Jennifer Dumal, who dedicated 45 years of her life to our health system. Her unwavering commitment has made a lasting impact, and while her retirement is a loss, her legacy will continue to inspire us.

Jennifer Dumal was honored for 45 years of service during the Employee Service Awards

In addition to our administrative team, we added several new physicians and providers, and we welcomed our inaugural GME Internal Medicine resident class—a pivotal moment in our journey. This year, we will also see our inaugural class of Family Medicine residents complete their training at Memorial. These milestones not only reflect our commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders but also solidify our role as a center of excellence in medical education and care delivery.

Inaugural Internal Medicine Class with program team members

The expansion of our services, including the introduction of the Sleep Center in Stone County and Sleep Lab Gulfport, the Encompass Health expansion, and advancements like Transcatheter Valve Replacement (TAVR), HeartFlow Analysis, additional neurosciences interventions, cardiac electrophysiology services, a Virtual Research Nurse (VRN) program in partnership with LSU Health, and a new Diabetes Education Program, underscores our dedication to innovation and comprehensive patient care.

Memorial Structural Heart Team members following the first TAVR case

As we step into 2024, let’s carry forward the spirit of resilience that defines Memorial. Our collective perseverance in the face of challenges will propel us to greater heights. The road ahead may have its hurdles, but together, we are stronger and more capable than ever before.

In conclusion, I extend my deepest gratitude to each member of Memorial Health System. Your dedication, compassion, and commitment to our patients and community are the pillars of our success. Let’s embrace the new year with optimism, knowing that our unity and determination will continue to drive our success.

Kent Nicaud

President & CEO of Memorial Health System

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