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Woodland Village Employee of the Month

Marvic Klein

Marvic “Vic” Klein, LPN

Marvic “Vic” Klein, LPN has been with Woodland Village since 2012. She began working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and later had desire to become an LPN. This says much for her ability to learn, as English is not her primary language. Vic has a passion for working with those in need. She has always been noticed for her careful attention to all the resident’s and co-worker’s needs. She does her best every day and gets great satisfaction in the work she does to help others. Vic is exceptionally conscientious and performs her job to the best of her ability, smiling all the while! During her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, fishing, gardening, and spending time with her family and traveling. Thanks, Vic for all the energy and motivation you inspire every day!

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