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Woodland Village Nursing Center Employee of the Month

MarquisaBeeka” Anderson

Marquisa “Beeka” Devonne Anderson, LPN has been with Memorial Woodland Village since 2019. During this time, Marquisa has worked throughout the facility as a Resident Care Manager, Floor Nurse, filling in where ever she is needed, and most importantly, demonstrating compassion and clinical excellence in all she does. She knows how to uplift and care for anyone in need, as a nurse, she can do anything in the building!

You can find her hair styling, baking, decorating, and lending a shoulder to cry on, or shoulders to muscle up! She has officiated at wedding ceremonies, prepared delicacies for many special events, and demonstrates what it is to be a team player to boost morale. She is a USAF/Iraqi Freedom Veteran, who served our country valiantly. She considers herself to be a culture connoisseur. She loves cooking, making sweet treats, traveling abroad, spending time with her 3 beautiful children, and being of service to anyone in need. Congratulations Marquisa!

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