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Woodland Village Nursing Center Employee of the Month

Sharon Stiger

Sharon Stiger, Accounts Payable/Administrative Director

And the winner is . . . . . Sharon Stiger! Sharon has been with Woodland Village Nursing Center since 2005. She is the first face the community sees when they come into the building. Sharon strives to help answer all the phone calls, determine the appropriate staff to address concerns, manages the resident’s trust account, and problem solves to obtain optimal resources for all resident’s, staff, and vendors. She is exceptionally organized and available to help in any way she can. Several residents visit with her for comfort and a listening ear! She is able to do all these things while answering calls numerous times during conversations!

Sharon enjoys spending time with her father, siblings, children, grandchildren, and unique animals. She loves wildlife, traveling, and visiting with her family. Thanks Sharon for keeping everyone balanced!

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