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Cold, Flu, COVID or RSV?

If you start to feel sick, use this chart as a guideline for what you might have. This doesn’t replace medical diagnosis from a primary care provider, but it can give you an idea of what you’re likely dealing with.

Difficulty breathingRarelyRarelyOftenSometimes
Muscle pain or body achesSometimesOftenSometimesRarely
New loss of taste or smell*RarelyRarelySometimesRarely
Runny or stuffy noseOftenSometimesSometimesOften
Sore throatOftenSometimesOftenRarely
Vomiting or diarrheaRarelySometimesSometimesRarely

Treatment options

Cold – stay hydrated and rest. Treat congestion with over-the-counter nasal sprays.

Flu – see your primary care provider for prescription antiviral medication.

Covid-19 – see your primary care provider for prescription antiviral medication.

RSV – manage fever and pain with over-the-counter fever reducers and pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen and stay hydrated.

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