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Driftwood Nursing Center Resident of the Month, January 2022

Britta Stewart

Ms. Britta Stewart has been with Memorial Driftwood Nursing Center since January, 2020.  Ms. Stewart is a kind, caring, and courageous person we are lucky to know.  

Ms. Stewart is an advocate at our nursing center and was voted President of Resident Council by her peers.  She participates in center activities, calls Bingo once a week, and stays engaged with her friends and family.  Ms. Stewart enjoys listening to music, loves dogs, and is always the best dressed.  

Ms. Stewart lost her husband in July, 2020 to the coronavirus.  Despite her loss, she has continued to fight for her health and well-being.  

In her earlier years, Ms. Stewart raised a family and held secretarial jobs.  She spent most of her life in the northern part of the country and eventually made her way to the South.  Ms. Stewart’s life has not always been easy, but she has always been determined to make the best of every situation.  

Thank you, Ms. Stewart for showing us all how to live gracefully despite these unpredictable times.  

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