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4300B West Railroad St.
(North side of the building)
Gulfport, MS

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Internal Medicine West Railroad

Gulfport, MS | Memorial Physician Clinics

Meet the residents

Memorial Internal Medicine GME
Residents from left to right: Taylor Brewer, Ansh Purohit, Deepak Raj, Ryan Moses, Rahila Ali, Bolos Gerges

Our internal medicine residency program is an advanced medical training program designed for doctors who have completed medical school and are pursuing a specialization in internal medicine. These programs typically last three years and involve intensive clinical training in various medical settings, including hospitals and clinics. Residents work under the supervision of experienced attending physicians to diagnose and manage complex medical conditions.

When being treated by a resident, patients can expect a high level of care, as residents are highly trained and closely supervised. Residents often bring a fresh perspective and stay updated with the latest medical advancements. However, patients should be aware that their care may involve more consultations and oversight by attending physicians to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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