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May 2024 Daisy Award Honoree – Kirbee Lawson, RN

“My Dad was my best friend and one of the most important people in my life. So when my Dad went to the ER disoriented and confused, I felt so helpless being out of state and not having many answers until testing had been completed. Upon him being admitted to the 5th floor, I called and spoke to Kirbee. From the moment I called, I knew Dad was in good hands. She immediately knew just how special he was to me. When I let her know I booked a flight and would be getting in late that night, but still needed to book a hotel, her response of, “no, ma’am, you come straight here and be with your Daddy” was more than a relief, it was the comfort and warmth of her kindness that touched my heart in a way she would never know. She would have a bed made and room ready for me upon my arrival. Her patience and warmth with each of the (numerous) calls I made to her, from the time he was admitted until I could get there late that evening was nothing short of remarkable. She took him under her wing and helped him to use his phone to make a call and even brought him to the nurses station so he wouldn’t be alone. Our worst nightmare came true. Dad was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. We knew he didn’t have long and so, we made sure to cherish each moment and live with laughter and love. Kirbee’s unwavering commitment to ensuring my Dad’s well-being was evident in every interaction we had. She patiently addressed our concerns, answered our questions, making sure we felt informed and involved in his care. Her attentiveness to detail and thoroughness in monitoring his progress gave us confidence that he was in the best hands possible.

Kirbee’s ability to provide emotional support along with her medical expertise truly showcased her exceptional skills as a nurse. Each and every nurse, technician and staff member who came in contact with my Dad was kind, warm and genuine. Kirbee was instrumental in keeping the mood light and Dad’s spirits high, and mine too! My Dad liked to laugh and despite his prognosis, he enjoyed the interaction and joking with each of the lovely nurses and staff that cared so lovingly for him. He quickly became the noisiest patient in 5b as his laugh was boisterous and hardy….finding the joy in life and making those around him laugh. Who else do you know that has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness can describe their week in the hospital as “the BEST week of our lives” on the 5th floor B wing?! This is a true testament to the loving, caring and compassionate care my Dad received. We laughed and cried and became family in just a short time with the AMAZING team of nurses and techs. So much so that when his birthday happened to fall on that week, our amazing Andrea came in on her day off to bring in balloons and a cupcake.

We marveled at the love and kindness and often asked each other, “How did we get so lucky?”. We were among angels who all had a part in carrying us through the darkest of days bringing sunshine and smiles. As you can imagine, we were devastated to leave our sweet angels in 5B and head to rehab. That didn’t stop Kirbee and the gals from visiting again. Bringing laughs and cheer to an otherwise dreary room. Kirbee and her colleagues did more than their professional duties, they performed the kindest act that anyone could in this situation by lifting our spirits and filling our hearts with so much love and laughter. My Dad recently passed and I’ve never been more grateful to anyone more than Kirbee and the ladies of 5b! Without them the journey wouldn’t have been filled with amazing memories with amazing people. We love you Kirbee for so many reasons but most of all, for being the sunshine in our lives and the light in our hearts for not only the week we spent in 5b, but for giving me such fond memories for the years to come! I am forever grateful for you!”

Thank you, Kirbee, for the exceptional care you provide our community! 

In addition, the following nurses were nominated for the Daisy Award in May:

  • Nathan Falcon, 7th
  • Katie Clay, 7th
  • Danielle Klimczak, 7th
  • Michelle Dillon, 6th
  • Shannon Campbell, 5th
  • Nailah Bell, 5th
  • Rebecca Lee, 5th
  • Tess Farrow, 4th
  • Brandi Bufford, 4th
  • April Montis, 4th
  • Bria Hobson, 4th
  • Jack Langlinais, 4th
  • Maesyn Cuevas, L&D
  • Jessica Dedeaux, L&D
  • Tessa Davidson, L&D
  • Katie McFarlin, L&D
  • 17 Alex Foley L&D XXX
  • Erin Wetzel, L&D
  • Angelica Cristales, L&D
  • Breanna Strong, M/B
  • Arden Sigler, ICU
  • Sabrina Goldberg, ER
  • Sheila Blanchard, ER Stone
  • Jennifer Allen, ER Stone

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