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Her Story, Our Promise: Ashley Dean-Reaves, NP, and the Women Shaping Healthcare

As part of our Women’s History Month series, we’re shining a light on women who are making a difference in our community. Ashley Dean-Reaves is a Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Physician Clinics Gulfport OBGYN Clinic, and her steadfast dedication to women’s health is truly inspiring.

Ashley Dean-Reaves, NP

She was nominated for this spotlight by a colleague, who wrote, “Ashley encourages women (myself included) to be the best version of themselves. Daily, Ashley carries herself in a way that inspires excellence and ambition among those around her. Many people witness her knowledge and are eager to learn from her. She is naturally kind, quick-witted, and intelligent. She is always so eager to teach and bring up those around her. Ashley is a natural trailblazer and is always ready to guide us with grace. She is the first person to stand against adversity when it counts, and the last to leave until a resolution is found. There is no one better to have in your corner.”

Starting the Day with Purpose

For Ashley, an average day begins with a dedication to both physical and mental well-being. “An average day for me starts with a bright-eyed exercise of the body and mind. It is important to prepare myself as I encounter and encourage the women of this community, as they are entrusting our team with their care. Sometimes, they come to me in their most vulnerable state. I aspire to comfort my patients to the best of my ability and to uplift them as I educate, care for, and inspire them,” she shares.

Ashley emphasizes the collaborative nature of her role, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of her team. “I have an amazing team that works with me to provide beyond exceptional care to the women of this community. From the front desk team members who give the first impression, to the nursing staff who provide comfort and quality care to the patients and make them feel welcome and cared for, every member of this team is paramount to the quality care I can provide to this community,” she affirms.

Reflecting on Women’s History and Progress

When asked about women who paved the way in the workforce before her, Ashley shares, “Similar to most women, I think of the hardships and obstacles they encountered and the perseverance required to break through the status quo.” Drawing inspiration from the struggles and triumphs of women before her, Ashley is driven by the belief that women can achieve anything they set their minds to. She cites Chimamanda Adichie’s powerful words, “I matter. I matter equally. Not ‘if only,’ not ‘as long as’. I matter. Full stop,” as a mantra to remind herself and her patients of their worth and value.

She adds, “Women often sell themselves short in comparison to our colleagues, regardless of sex, and it can become easy to forget that we matter in our uniqueness and talents. I aspire to carry this belief and allow it to push me forward like those before me.”

Professional Inspiration from Women

Ashley draws professional inspiration from other women, particularly a physician whose demeanor and approach to patient care have left a lasting impression. “She is always kind, respectful, intelligent, and extremely well-dressed all while maintaining the higher status of professionalism,” Ashley shares. This physician’s compassionate and attentive care serves as a model for Ashley, reinforcing her belief in the importance of providing exceptional care with empathy and understanding.

Empowering Women in the Workplace

One thing Ashley wishes more people knew about women in the workplace is that they bring unique talents and perspectives to the table. Recognizing women’s innate nurturing qualities, Ashley highlights the importance of harnessing these attributes, especially in healthcare, where patients often feel comforted and supported by female providers. “While naturally being nurturing, women are also powerful. We can play both roles of comforting and standing up for ideas or perspectives as a powerful advocate. It is important that women in the workplace harness and embrace this talent, especially in health care as a patient advocate.”

Ashley Dean-Reaves, NP, exemplifies the spirit of Women’s History Month through her dedication to women’s health and her commitment to providing compassionate care. Her words and actions serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of women in the workforce, inspiring others to embrace their unique talents and make a positive impact in their communities.

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