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Woodland Village Resident of the Month

Mr. Willie Terry

Mr. Willie Terry is the Resident of the Month for all the things he does to help everyone around the facility. Willie has had numerous jobs in his life. He was into landscaping, worked at a funeral home assisting with deceased aestitics, sometimes it was frightening, due to the rigor mortis. At Memorial Woodland Village, he volunteers with the Activity Department. He assists moving boxes, setting up tables and chairs, escorting residents throughout the facility, and passing out activity supplies to participants. He moves the tab on the daily activity calendar, and whatever is needed. He also assists any department in any way needed. He is a treasure to all in the facility. His family is near and dear to his heart. He speaks to his mother daily, and wants to spend as much time with them as possible. He enjoys puzzles, table games, and prizes! Thank you Willie for being so helpful and considerate.

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