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Revitalizing Hearts: One Patient’s Journey to Wellness through Cardiac Rehabilitation at Memorial

At Memorial, our heart health team stands at the forefront of the battle against cardiovascular disease. Armed with cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, we champion prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to empower individuals to lead heart-healthy lives. As part of this comprehensive approach, cardiac rehabilitation is a beacon of hope, delivering education, motivation, and unwavering encouragement.

Glen recently completed his cardiac rehabilitation treatment plan and has experienced increased vitality and improved quality of life, showcasing the importance of consistency and the profound impact our dedicated health professionals can have on every heartbeat.

Glen with Cardiac Rehab team members Rick (left) and Na’Aishia (right)

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation includes exercise, education, and encouragement for patients with heart disease. Our staff of health professionals create customized plans based on the individual needs of our patients, like Glen.

He reflects, “Well, health-wise, I’ve always been very healthy until this happened. I have always been extremely active.”

The turning point

In 2002, Glen faced a critical turning point when he had to undergo a stent placement. Despite being generally healthy, this event marked a pivotal moment in his life. Over the years, Glen had encountered minor surgeries, but it wasn’t until a golf outing in February of 2023 that he experienced a sensation that would change everything.

“We played golf, and I hadn’t played in a couple of months. I came home, felt a sensation of chest pain, went to bed, and the next morning, I was clinging to the door facing and kept falling down.”

His wife recognized the warning signs and brought Glen to his cardiologist’s office, where he was then told to go straight to the emergency room. After an operation to get him back on track, Glen learned about cardiac rehab as part of his treatment plan.

Improved quality of life

Glen’s rehabilitation routine varied each session, and his exercises included leg pushes, elliptical training, and challenging arm exercises. The key, according to Glen, is building stamina by reducing rest time between activities.

As a result of his commitment to the rehabilitation program, he experienced significant improvements in his daily life. Notably, his golf performance improved because of the enhanced stamina and endurance he gained. “The first time I went out after completing the program, I got through about 14 holes of golf. Now I have no problem playing a full 18 holes.”
After 36 sessions of cardiac rehab, Glen is still staying active by going to the Memorial Fitness Center on Memorial’s Gulfport campus multiple times per week.

He extends gratitude to the cardiac rehabilitation team at Memorial, recognizing the crucial role they played in his recovery. From the supportive staff to the caring individuals who kept him hydrated, Glen credits the entire team for their unwavering support.

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