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January Daisy Award Honoree – Stacy Parker, RN

“I met this nurse when she came to get me from the waiting room, we had brought my 75-year-old mother-in-law in to be seen. She gave me the best update on my mother-in-law, answered questions, very knowledgeable. My mother-in-law can be difficult when she is sick, and her nurse was absolutely wonderful with her. In 34 years of knowing my mother-in-law with many visits and hospital stays, this nurse was the first nurse she ever complimented. She said she got her IV and labs in ONE stick, they never do that. She made sure that she understood the treatment plan, her medications given, and felt comfortable with warm blankets. She was the only nurse that has ever helped her to the bathroom, it has always been me. She provided my loved one with compassion, patience, extreme competence and professionalism. She is one of the best nurses I have seen coming in as a patient’s family member. In every way she exemplified extraordinary compassion, attended to all my mothers-in-law needs, inspired confidence in nursing practice, and showcased respect, service, teamwork, and a positive attitude. She yearned to and achieved the highest standards of patient safety. Stacy, thank you for your dedication to excellence and compassion for people in need!”

Thank you, Stacy, for the incredible care you provide our community!

In addition, the following nurses were nominated for the DAISY Award in January:

  • Imogene Cannon, RN – ER
  • Peggy Watts, RN – ER
  • Cynthia Clemens, RN – NICU
  • Pamela Watts, RN – L/D
  • Tessa Davidson, RN – L/D
  • Lana Elizabeth Knight, RN – L/D
  • Ashley Ladner, RN – 4th
  • Molly Coffey, RN – 4th
  • Jack Langlinais, RN – 4th
  • Arianna Selg, RN – 4th
  • Dymond Banks, RN – 4th
  • Niasha Chaney, RN – 4th
  • Kim Lee, RN – ICU
  • Kim Moran, RN – 6th
  • Sarah Lane, RN – 7th
  • Zena Bishop, RN – 7th
  • Katie Clay, RN – 7th
  • Michelle Jackson, RN – 7th
  • Tranisha Lane, RN – 7th
  • Megan Kinchen, RN – 7th
  • Cassandra Hudson, RN – 7th
  • Jolanda Hammond, RN – 7th
  • Charli Gill, RN – 7th
  • Harlee Stuart, RN – ICU
  • Sierra Martin, RN – L & D

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