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Celebrating Women’s History Month – Tania Brady

Memorial is celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. These women were nominated by their peers.

We hope you enjoy learning about the inspiring women who work to transform the lives of our community!

Tania Brady
Tania Brady

Tania has been part of the Memorial team for 23 years and has worked in healthcare for close to three decades. She is a Collection Agency Coordinator in our Patient Financial Services Department.

An average day for Tania includes running some reports, reassigning some work, checking in on staff, and having plenty of meetings. She says, “In my role, I am responsible for a lot of different things and work closely with several other departments, so my days are never the same. One of my employees calls me ‘Busy Bee’ because I’m usually passing through like a blur, going from one thing to the next!”

Her nominator wrote, “Tania works so hard… I mean SO hard! She is here before most of us come in and leaves long after we leave. Over the last several months, she has worked tirelessly to hire and train at least 10 employees. Tania is always willing to teach, help and serve others. I don’t know what we would do without her! Tania is inspiring as a woman in leadership who, along with her daily duties, takes on a lot of other responsibilities that others do not want to do.”

Inspired by other hard-working women

Tania shares, “Women have been making an impact in the workforce for years, in all types of professions, and I am thankful for that because it has decreased stereotyping of gender-specific roles! There have been some phenomenal women who have left their mark on history and accomplished great things in the workforce.” She continues, “There have been many women who inspired me over the years, from some of my family members to some of the great teachers that I have had, past bosses, and even some of my closest friends! I have seen a lot of women work very hard for many years and they accomplished great things, so I have drawn inspiration from so many of the women in my life and I am better because of it!”

Giving up is not an option

When asked what she wishes more people knew about women in the workplace, she shares, “One thing that I would like people to know is that I’m thankful for equality in the workplace! It’s hard to juggle a family and a career, but we figure it out and make it work because for most women, giving up is not an option! It’s not always easy, and it’s definitely not glamorous, but accomplishing your goals and leaving your mark makes it all worth it!”

Tania adds, “I would say for those chasing the dream of the ideal career, don’t ever give up! If you put in the work and stay true to yourself, you will get there and you will be better for it. I show up every day and I give 200%, regardless of what I have going on or how hectic my days are, because it’s important to me to always give my all! I pride myself in being an honest, hardworking woman with great work ethic, and I try never to compromise that work ethic, regardless of the obstacles and challenges that I face daily. I try to always be a good friend or just be a listening ear when someone needs an outlet, so if I can make a difference in even one person’s life, then I have done my job and that’s what it’s all about!

Congratulations on your nomination, Tania, and thank you for your dedication to our community!  

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