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Celebrating Women’s History Month – Enid Robateau

Memorial is celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. These women were nominated by their peers.

We hope you enjoy learning about the inspiring women who work to transform the lives of our community!

Enid Robateau
Enid Robateau

Enid has been a Memorial team member since 2000, and she is currently the Operations Manager for Memorial’s Health Information Management (HIM) Department.

Her nominator wrote, “Enid’s work ethic is one that should be mirrored by many. Enid seems to keep it together even on hectic days. She has a giving heart. She is fair and treats her staff/co-workers as equals. She will jump in to help where needed at any time of the day. Enid strongly advocates for the patient by making sure all the Electronic Health Records are accurately documented and accounted for in a timely manner. She encourages her staff to strive to conduct themselves in a professional manner and work as a team.”

Sounding board for patients

Enid shares that each day is different for her, and she works with almost every department in the health system. She says, “I have had to be a sounding board for patients. I work very closely with my staff as well as our providers and clinic staff and assist in whatever capacity is needed. I troubleshoot phone calls from third party entities or other facilities while responding to emails and other administrative responsibilities. Believe it or not, I do make a list of tasks to accomplish, however, the day may have gone by and not an item on that list has been worked on. At the end of the day, patient care and customer service are very important.”

Learning from other women

“I am inspired by many people that I interact with daily. Each person offers something you can learn from,” shares Enid when asked if she’s inspired by other women.

She continues, “I do have a special person who has inspired me, and she has taught me about professionalism. I watched her deal with people both on a professional and personal level and from all walks of life, and she has never lost her temper with anyone. She inspired all her staff and made each staff member feel equally as important as the others. She is a very good listener and supports her staff to the best of her ability as well as her managers. She was never afraid to tell you when you were wrong. I have learned from her not to be reactive but to instead see the bigger picture of the circumstance.”

Dedicated to her profession

“Women play a pivotal role in the workplace; we are intelligent with many bright ideas and have a lot to offer. We are compassionate and dedicated to our profession,” shares Enid. She adds, “I am honored to be a part of Memorial Hospital and this community. I am blessed to serve everyone that I meet.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Enid, and thank you for your dedication to our community!  

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