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Meet Memorial’s Patient Escort Team

They’re usually the first people you meet when you arrive at our hospital campus, and they are always getting our patients and visitors where they need to go. Learn more about our patient escorts, an integral group of team members who strive to provide great experiences to our patients!

Ashley Coleman is the Patient Escort Team Lead, and she recently shared how this team works together to make sure patients have a positive experience. She says, “We are the first people the patients see when they arrive, so we kind of set the tone for how their experience will go. On the flip side of that is the fact that someone can have a bad experience but end it well because of their interaction with us.”

Covering the campus

She shares that on average, this team will interact with and escort close to 200 patients, canvassing the hospital.

“We are definitely an eclectic bunch, but like Apple products, we just work. It really is a cliché thing to say and most people do not mean it when they say it, but as for us, we really feel like a family,” Ashley adds.

Friendly faces

Ashley says, “We really bond with our patients, especially the ones that come frequently. They become like family and some get upset when their favorite escort isn’t working that day. We get to see them get better, and unfortunately, sometimes we are there for the bad times, but it’s a journey that we all appreciate.”

She continues, “We appreciate the opportunities this job affords us. Some stay long-term, and others are here for a season before moving onto their next leg in life. We have one of the most interesting jobs in the hospital and enjoy helping from behind the scenes.”

Patient escorts play a vital role in patient flow, patient care, and the overall patient experience. We thank you for all that you do for our hospital and our community!

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