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Meet Memorial’s Physical Therapy Team

Memorial Physical Therapists take a team photo
Memorial’s Physical Therapy Team works with patients to help increase mobility, reduce pain, and improve their quality of life. From left to right: Susan Larosa, Miles Davis, Kim Owens, Tan Nguyen, Amanda Sones, Danny Nguyen and Tyler Worth.

Tan N. is the manager of our acute therapy team who works hands-on with a variety of patients with a myriad of needs. “Our team is hard working, hoping to make an early impact and improve functional mobility and quality of life for the people in our community. This team is phenomenal,” Tan shares.

Seeing patients sunrise to sunset

Physical therapy is a pivotal part of the patient experience. Physical Therapists (PTs) are responsible for initiating the rehab process and mobilization, including getting new mothers safely up and walking again after giving birth. Tan states, “It brightens our day when patients are able to get out of bed and walking.  We have a phenomenal NICU PT that does a great job working with babies and educating the parents.”

On the go!

Because PTs work with patients in all stages of life, their days are packed with things like evaluations, creating treatment plans, and making recommendations for when to discharge a patient. Tan notes, “We try to make an impact on as many patients as possible. From early mobility in the ICU to educating and teaching patients to walk again, we are everywhere.”

Making a difference, one step at a time

Physical therapy is one of the most all-encompassing units of the hospital, as this team works with patients from newborn stages to senior citizens. No matter the age or the medical condition, the ultimate goal of the physical therapy team is to make the patient’s daily life better. “I would like to think that every patient has variable improvement in quality of life when we are involved. We don’t get to work with these patients for long while they are in the hospital but I think we make an early impact,” says Tan.

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