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Meet Memorial’s Healthcare Risk Management Team

HRM Team

In celebration of Healthcare Risk Management (HRM) Week, we’re spotlighting our hardworking HRM team, dedicated to delivering safe and trusted health care. Learn more about the important work they do each day for Memorial Health System!

Patient safety is our top priority, and we have a talented team dedicated to saving lives, preventing errors, risk prevention, and more. Lisa Magee, Memorial’s Director of Patient Safety/Risk, answers questions about the team below.

How does your work impact the patient experience?

“Working both proactively and reactively, the HRM team works with the entire organization to identify potential safety issues. Our goal is to make our patients safe.”

What does an average day or week look like for our HRM team?

“The typical day-to-day activities of an HRM team involve sensitive patient, legal and financial information. The HRM team assesses and minimizes various risks to staff, patients and the public in our organization. We play a vital role in reducing potential safety, finance and patient problems. Our daily activities include managing legal and insurance claims against the organization and communicating with internal and external legal counsel. We run reports and analyze risk management data, and we also provide risk management education to the organization’s staff.”

What do you wish more people knew about the work of our HRM team?

“The HRM team is here to collaborate with everyone. Our job is to look at processes, not people. We are here to help you. We are always willing to jump in and help whenever we are needed.”

Memorial’s HRM team plays a critical role in patient safety, patient care practices, quality assurance, safe work environments, and liability.

Thank you for your dedication to our health system and our community!

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