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We Are Health Care, We Are Memorial: Engineering

The theme for National Hospital Week 2022 is “We Are Health Care”, encompassing every function of our 5,000+ team member health system. In celebration of Hospital Week, we are spotlighting some of the departments that keep our health system running!

The hard-working Engineering team at Memorial is dedicated to safety and quality for our patients and staff. From repairing important equipment in the Operating Room to making sure the health system is powered, our team works around the clock to make the patient experience a positive one.

Learn more from several members of our Engineering department.

Supporting each other

“There are a lot of knowledgeable people, and we can work together to solve problems. It’s a good group to work with,” says Engineering Technician John Screws.

Navigating challenges together

Memorial’s Engineering team is always pivoting, supporting all aspects of the health system.

Jacob Bunch, Engineering Technician, says, “If a piece of equipment goes down in the OR (operating room), we have to act fast to get it back up because we know it’s critical for patient care.”

“It’s 24/7 operations as we’re doing major construction, and keeping operations going at the same time is very challenging,” Construction Supervisor Joe Hangren says.

Helping the entire health system

“We try to go above and beyond to keep from interrupting hospital operations. If we do have to interfere with a space, we go to great lengths to make it easier on patients and staff.”

Memorial Engineering Technician John Screws

An average day varies for this team, but they work tirelessly to limit interruptions for patients and staff.  

Jacob adds, “All our planning, coming in after hours, before hours, shutting down equipment to keep the hospital going.”

Joe says, “You have to be flexible because you might come in with a plan, but then a piece of equipment fails and you have to change course.”

Improving the patient experience

Making sure patients are comfortable and safe is the top priority for this team.  

“Sometimes what we have to do can negatively impact patients, whether it’s noise, dust, construction, rerouting people, and we try to minimize that,” says Joe.   

Thank you for all that you do for our health system!

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