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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Katherine Manganti


Memorial is celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. We hope you enjoy learning about them!

Katherine is a coder for our physician businesses. Her nominators wrote:

“Katherine, or ‘KC’ as everyone calls her, is so full of knowledge in her job and so much more. If you ask her a question, she goes in-depth with the explanation to help you understand fully about an issue. I enjoy working with KC because she has always had a smile on her face and has the best personality. I have talked to her on several occasions and the one thing that I love to hear is a person speak about is their religion and family and she has talked about both. Her loyalty and love for her family is endless and I know she has great respect for her memorial family.”

“I’m pleased to nominate Katherine Camille Manganti, CPC, for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Katherine Camille is descended from the Philippines and represents her heritage proudly. She especially loves sharing her culinary heritage with her friends and educates them on her culture. She’s strong in her faith and participates in Catholic Masses and memorials with a Filipino infusion. She also pours her considerable energy into her job and cares about satisfying patients and providers by being all she can be. She devotes herself to studying the latest medical coding trends and maximizes reimbursement for this health system. It is a true honor to be her friend.”

Katherine answered a few questions so we could learn more about her.

How has your heritage shaped you?

“My heritage has instilled a sedulous work ethic in me. My parents worked very hard to immigrate to America. They continued their work ethic here and instilled it in me and my siblings. In addition, my mother worked as a RN at Memorial Hospital. I saw firsthand her hard work and dedication she had for treating her patients. It has inspired me to work just as she did. She is now happily retired after 33 years of service.”

Does your family have any traditions that are especially important to you?

“My family loves to get together to share meals. It is something that has been especially meaningful to me in the recent years since I have siblings living and attending college in another state.”

What does Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month mean to you?

“The Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month means a chance to share my culture with my coworkers and friends. I especially love sharing my culture’s food such as pancit (Filipino noodles) and lumpia (Filipino egg rolls).”

Congratulations on your nomination, Katherine, and thank you for all you do to support our community!    

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