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Meet Memorial’s Customer Satisfaction Team

Meet our team: Stephanie Schindler, LCSW – Customer Satisfaction Specialist; Stacy Fairley, LMSW – Coordinator of Customer Relations; Johnny Williams, LCSW – Director of Customer Satisfaction; and Sheron Wasilenko, Administrative Assistant. 

This team is responsible for measuring and improving the patient experience at Memorial. Learn more about their work from Memorial’s Director of Customer Satisfaction, John Williams.

What is the customer satisfaction team responsible for?  

We utilize several methods and modes of measuring the patient experience, including inpatient surveys, patient complaints, patient grievances, patient compliments, and comments that are posted to our social media sites and online such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business.

This feedback is invaluable for us in targeting areas in need of improvement and identifying improvement strategies. We work with clinical and non-clinical staff alike in seeking to improve the healing environment that is Memorial. 

In dealing with complaints and grievances, our primary goal is to mediate between the patient and loved ones as well as our staff/providers/management, or anyone else that is involved, and to find an acceptable resolution. It’s very important that we are compassionate and empathetic when working with our clients. 

How is the rest of Memorial’s staff involved in the patient experience?

We present the Service Excellence Standard of the Month to Memorial staff members on increasing customer service, communication skills, and many other topics. Improving the patient experience is the responsibility of all who wear the Memorial badge, not just our team. Whether you are clinical or non-clinical, working on one of our hospital campuses, in one of our clinics, or any other location with the Memorial logo, you are responsible for improving the experiences of our patients. 

What do you enjoy most about what you are able to do each day?

The best part about patient experience is that we all have the power to impact someone’s life in every encounter we have. A kind word, a smile at the person we pass in the hallway, the touch of a hand on someone’s shoulder who is grieving – all these simple actions can mean a lot to someone in need. We may make a huge difference without even realizing it. Patient experience is being consistently compassionate to each one of our patients.

Learn more about the work of our Customer Satisfaction team in this recent interview.

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