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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Jennifer Lott-Knipe

jessica lott-knipe

Memorial is celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. These inspiring women were nominated by their peers. We hope you enjoy learning about them!

Jennifer is an office manager for our Cedar Lake Physician Clinic.  

When asked how she embodies Memorial’s mission to heal, inspire, and transform the health of our community, her nominator wrote, “She is the best manager anyone could ask for. She works extremely hard to assure that every need is assessed in our clinic. There have been countless days that she has had to work the lab, walk-in, or wherever just to fill in. She is so knowledgeable and can adapt to anything that comes her way!”

Jennifer answered a few questions so we could learn more about who inspires her.

What goes through your mind when you think of women who joined the workforce before you? 
“The words that come to mind are ‘strong, determined, resilient’. Not only did these women face adversities in the workplace, but they also faced the challenges of being held to higher standards at home. A lot of these women were working mothers, during a time when childcare outside of the home was unattainable.”

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you. 
“My grandmother was one of my biggest inspirations. She was a single mother of 5 children, who owned her own business and worked tirelessly day in/out to provide for her family. She taught me perseverance, the importance of sacrifices and determination, and the act of compassion. Because of my grandmother, and the many other women in my life, I will forever carry with me that ‘People may forget what you said, they may forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.’” 

What is one thing you wish more people knew about women in the workplace?  
“I believe that a great leader isn’t defined by gender; leadership is defined by your work ethic and character. I believe that It takes the creativity of women and men to run a successful business.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Jennifer, and thank you for all you do to support the community!    

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