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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Anne Musgrove

anne musgrove

Memorial is celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. These inspiring women were nominated by their peers. We hope you enjoy learning about them!

Anne is part of our clinic operations administrative team and has played a pivotal role in COVID-19 testing and vaccination.

When asked how she embodies Memorial’s mission to heal, inspire, and transform the health of our community, her nominator wrote, “Anne is not only management but she also has a clinic one day a week. This seems simple, but she never stops working. She always has both a management hat and a provider cap on her. She is always considering how to better serve the community with clinics or services. She’s not afraid to think outside the box. Always keeping up with new advances, she offers solutions to inspire clinic employees and providers. She values each employee, including non-medical staff, consistently voicing her gratitude.”

Anne answered a few questions so we could learn more about who inspires her.

What goes through your mind when you think of women who joined the workforce before you? 
“When I think of the women who joined the workforce before me, I have deep respect for the paths they paved. I believe that women have always led the world, though often from the shadows, where they were advisors and voices of reason for the men in power. Women faced huge obstacles when joining the working world, including gender stereotypes, lower pay, and balancing the expectations of home life and work life. Many women endured workplace prejudice, harassment, and inequity to make a way for us to have a better experience. I salute them!”

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you. 
“My life was inspired by working women! My mother always worked outside the home, and the women who taught and led me in my formative years left a big mark. My earliest memory of an influential woman was Margaret Thatcher. I remember following her life and career in absolute awe that a woman was leading an entire country and being respected.”    

What is one thing you wish more people knew about women in the workplace?  
“I wish that people knew that women in the workplace LIKE BEING HERE! I find such joy and personal fulfillment in my career. I don’t feel like I have missed a single thing in my life or the lives of my children by having a career. Yes, it takes commitment and sacrifice, but it has made me a better mother and a happier person to have a meaningful career. You really can balance work and family and enjoy both.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Anne, and thank you for all you do to support the community!    

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