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Why You Should Know Your Numbers

Jenniffer and family

Jenniffer is one of our outpatient business office representatives. During #HeartMonth and #BlackHistoryMonth, she wants to encourage everyone to know their numbers.

She says, “Three years ago, I was unable to breathe after having a hysterectomy. Elaine and the other nurses on the Memorial cardiac floor saved me, and gave me hope. I had 12.5 pounds of fluid surrounding my heart, and due to the placement of the fluid, I was unable to get comfortable. If I had been able to get comfortable, this would have drowned my heart out, rendering it unable to beat at all. Today, I do not have Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), but I do take beta blockers to keep my blood pressure from spiking to keep the fluid at bay. I am grateful for the team as my medical staff.”

Jenniffer continues, “Heart disease and Black History Month are important to me. Family members and friends deal with heart ailments or conditions, and it is important to shed light on both of those causes. Knowledge shared has an impact that can change others’ lives.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Jenniffer! To learn more about blood pressure and overall wellness, schedule a visit with a Memorial primary care provider.

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