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Why is my foot asleep?

By Lynn Lofton 
South Mississippi Living

Everyone occasionally experiences that feeling of numbness or tingling in a foot when we say, Two medical specialists say that’s not a problem – unless it persists.

The official term is paresthesia, according to internal medicine physician Dr. Timothy Ivey of Singing River Health System. he said.

Dr. Renita Parker, a podiatrist at Memorial Stone County Medical Center in Wiggins, says,

‘Whether or not it’s a serious situation depends on the root issue of the problem. she adds.

Ivey notes that numbness that persists, worsens, or spreads can be indicative of a more serious medical condition such as a Transient lschaemic Attack (TIA). TIA is a stroke causing minor, temporary symptoms.

he said.

Both physicians advise anyone having frequent numbness, tingling, or burning to seek medical attention to ensure their issue is addressed. Parker said.

Ivey said.

To make an appointment with Dr. Parker call (601) 928-6700.

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