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Stone County Nursing Resident of the Month, May 2020

Ms. Lois Sarphie

Ms. Lois Sarphie is from Hattiesburg and was married for 22 years to Joseph Sarphie, who was also from Hattiesburg. She has one daughter that lives in Montana, one son in Louisiana and one son that lives on the coast here in Mississippi. Her mother was a seamstress and homemaker from Sumrall, and her dad was a mechanic from Seminary.

Ms. Sarphie has four grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She is very proud of her children and grandchildren and can be found talking about them all the time. Her past occupation was doing office work or working as a secretary.

In her free time, Ms. Sarphie is quite the gardener. She loves growing flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. She also enjoys making things like jellies and preserves. Ms. Lois Sarphie has done a wonderful job keeping all our flowers and vegetables looking great around here, and we’re very thankful for her!

Thank you for being fabulous!

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