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Stone County Nursing Resident of the Month, March 2020

Henry Reus

Mr. Reus is from Dixie, Mississippi, and has been with his wife for 46 years. He is blessed with three children, two girls and one boy. His parents, Mr. Henry Reus and his mother, Mrs. Fannie Mae, were from around the Dixie area as well.

Henry followed in his father’s footsteps by working as a welder, starting at the young age of 14. He worked with his dad after school and on weekends. His prior occupation was working shut downs as a superintendent for the super heavy industry. Henry was also a welder on shut downs.

In his free time, he has enjoyed building Hot Rods, attending Cruising the Coast and partaking in photography. Henry currently sells his photographs in an art gallery. His favorite thing to photograph is wild life.

Henry is a pleasure to have in our facility. Even on his worst days, you can catch him with a smile on his face. He deserves this award!  Congratulations, Mr. Reus!

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