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Memorial Hospital Honors Auxiliary

GULFPORT, Miss.—Memorial Hospital honored its Auxiliary with a luncheon and awards ceremony on January 21 at the Island View Hotel in Gulfport.

The ceremony began with a welcome from Cathy Wood, Memorial Vice-President, Human Resources. Volunteers were recognized for completing individual service hours and for their tremendous contribution to the hospital exceeding $160,000. Their volunteer efforts, along with Gift Shop and vendor sales, support patient programs and employees at Memorial Hospital.  Linda Sherman, Vice-President, Memorial Board of Trustees, along with members of Memorial Administration, presented volunteers with their awards and also expressed sincere appreciation for service hours performed. During 2015, Auxiliary volunteers donated 18,440 hours of service to the hospital.  Kathie Short, Secretary, Memorial Board of Trustees, administered the Oath of Office to induct the 2016 Auxiliary Officers.

Honorees and their individual hours of service donated through calendar year 2015 were:
Charles Hibbard, Mary Pecoul, Sallie Walker and Carol West – 50 hours; Sandra Lucas, Millard Quigley and Jazmin Scott – 100 hours; Ann Ryan – 200 hours; Lanelle Davis and Judi Matsuba – 300 hours; Lucy Hazeur, Ellen Lindsey, Dot McDaniel, Elaine Nelson and Rita Swenson – 400 hours; Doris Hill, Sophia Humphrey, John Hunter, Edie Hurlstone, Robert Jones and Fran Wren – 500 hours; Lydia Trisotto – 600 hours; Nancy Beede and Lucienne Puckett – 700 hours; Lee Barnes – 800 hours; Ernest Chancellor, Sammie Smith, Vera Spears and Sylvia Welch – 900 hours; Pat Hamel, Henry Odenwald, Kathy Peterson, Pete Raif, Barbara Smith and Margie Young -1,000 hours;  Abbe Engman, Katherine Evans and Pat Kuehling – 1,500 hours; Jackie Hansen, Angie Henzen, John Walters – 2,000 hours; Rena Krol, Bonnie Ladner and Bill Magnusen – 2,500 hours; Bill Matheny and Nashie Ward – 3,000 hours; Nell Bourgeois and Ann Collins – 3,500 hours; Peggy Bragg and Sandra Morrison – 4,500 hours; Carrie Jones – 5,000 hours; Barbara Martin and Peter Psikogios – 6,000 hours; and Jean Ouellette – 20,000 hours.

For more information regarding Memorial Auxiliary membership, call 867-5210.

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