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June 2024 Daisy Award Honoree – Jack Langlinais, RN

“Jack was one of the nurses who cared for me when I was hospitalized in late April into early May. He showed me so much compassion during my stay. He spent extra time with me explaining the care that I was receiving. He was diligent in answering my questions and ALWAYS came to my room when I called him. He has been a nurse for many years which has given him wisdom in how to respond to and care for people in their time of need. I felt so comfortable that I would get the best care available when he was there. I was very afraid while in the hospital, but he was able to ease my fears by spending those extra moments reassuring me.

Jack exemplifies what a nurse should be. His interactions seemed very sincere. He showed kindness, compassion, tenderness, and gentleness towards me and my family during my hospital stay. Jack knew that I was a RN as well. He seemed to take that into consideration when he interacted with me. It was as if he was showing a certain level of respect for that fact that I share the same career field as him. Jack, thank you for the work that you do to improve the lives of those that you come in contact with. You have found your calling in life to care for others. I am forever grateful. God bless you!”   

Thank you for the exceptional care you provide our community, Jack!

In addition, the following nurses were nominated for the Daisy Award in June:

  • Alyssa Stanley, RN  5AB 
  • Miranda Stapp, RN  5AB
  • Leigh Ly, RN  L/D              
  • Erin Wetzel, RN  L/D ***
  • Maesyn Cuevas, RN  L/D ***
  • Alexis Foley, RN  L/D *****
  • Julie Hardy, RN  L/D        
  • Breanna Strong, RN  2AB **
  • Chantella Leggett, RN  2AB          
  • Rachel Vann, RN  Post Op            
  • Nikki Hollier, RN  ER       
  • Janice Dreher, RN  ER     
  • Peter Sicotte, RN  ENDO
  • Diana Chapuis, RN  5AB
  • Kimberly Dawn Carroll, RN  M/B
  • Michelle Jackson, RN  7CD **

* Indicates the number of times the nurse has been nominated for the Daisy Award.

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