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Prevention Takes Action: Angela’s Breast Cancer Journey

Angela is energetic, charismatic, and loves a good sunrise. She has always been active, and while she was getting ready for an early morning gym session, she noticed something unusual.

She shares, “My cancer journey started January 28, 2021, when I got up to go to the gym and I noticed a change in my breast where my nipple was inverted.

Fighting through the fear

Angela on the day of her daughter’s wedding

“When I sought treatment, I felt fear and was scared to tell my family about the diagnosis. When I learned that my cancer had spread to the other parts of my body, my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my daughter’s wedding. I told my husband I wouldn’t be able to do it, but then I looked my daughter in the eyes and told her everything would be okay.”

Angela continues, “On the day of my daughter’s wedding when my son walked me down the aisle, and my feet hit the aisle, the tears began to flow because I made it to the day I thought I wouldn’t be able to see.” 

Faith and sunrises

One of the sunrises Angela captured

“My family and friends were so supportive, cheering me on. I found my strength by sharing my story to encourage people not to give up and to have hope,” Angela says.  

She adds, “A lot of people ask me how I’ve gotten to this point in my journey, and I tell them it’s my faith and my attitude. Every morning I would get up and take pictures of the sunrise because I felt like God blessed me with another day. My attitude has helped other cancer patients because of my strength throughout this journey.”

Exceptional care close to home

We asked Angela about the care she received at Memorial. She says, “My awesome care team, including Dr. Sidra Khalid, went into immediate action. I was put into the hospital for seven days once I learned cancer had spread to other parts of my body. I had radiation on my hips, and three rounds of radiation on my brain with CyberKnife, and I started chemotherapy and immunotherapy.”

CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery system offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery for the treatment of certain types of tumors.

She continues, “I will have my twentieth round of treatment between chemotherapy and immunotherapy soon. I am lucky to say that I haven’t had the serious side effects that a lot of people do have, which has been very helpful.”

Angela with members of her care team

“Being able to receive the treatment at Memorial instead of having to travel out of state to receive the same treatment was a blessing. At one point, I felt like I was on my death bed, and knowing I was in a safe place to get the treatment that I needed gave me peace of mind,” Angela adds. 

Early detection is key

“I encourage everyone to get a mammogram because if I had gotten one in the early stages of my breast cancer, it would not have possibly spread to the bone in my hips, my liver, my lung, and my brain in four spots. Detecting cancer at an early stage is so helpful. It can prevent you from going through what I had to,” says Angela.

Watch Angela’s story

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