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Exceptional Care That Transforms.

Providing exceptional care – one patient’s experience

This email was recently received by Memorial leadership, detailing a patient’s recent experience with the hospital team at our Gulfport campus. Below is the email that tells a story of the care and compassion our team shows each and every day because our community’s health is our top priority.

“As I compose this email, I am flooded with emotion. I recall the horrors of my father’s last moments, but I mostly recall the empathic, respectful, patient and kind care your staff delivered to him and to my entire family. There simply are no words to express my heartfelt, humble and sincere gratitude to so many of your staff. They should ALL be commended.

These are just a few of the ‘main players’ who became part of my family during the time we were there. 

  • Dr. Bill Erwin, hospitalist. Dr. Erwin NEVER tired of answering any and all of our questions with a calm and professional demeanor. He told us the truth, not as we wished to hear it, but as it actually was, honestly yet kindly.
  • Father John, chaplain was always kind and happy to help whenever we needed him.
  • 7th Floor Head Daytime Nurse Julie. Julie became like a sister to us during our stay. She NEVER stopped being kind and loving to my father. She became a rock for my sister and I to turn to during our terrifying journey with our dad. Julie remained kind, helpful, respectful and empathic till the day we left. There are not enough words to explain how wonderful she is and she will FOREVER be in our prayers. 
  • Judy, social worker. Judy was extraordinarily helpful in getting my father discharged and moved into hospice within just a few hours. She is outstanding.
  • Rodney, the night phlebotomist [was] in, out, got his job accomplished and respectfully left the room. The day phlebotomist, whose name I did not write down, was equally as professional, kind and respectful.
  • Cynthia, the housekeeping attendant, who every day gave us words of support and kindness.” 

Additional commendation was given to all 7th-floor RNs and MSTs who worked with the family for their skill and compassion. 

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