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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen with wife and three sons

Memorial is celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month by spotlighting members of our team who are committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. We hope you enjoy learning about them!

Tan manages our Acute Therapy Services. His nominator wrote:

“Tan puts his staff and his patients first. He participates in outside activities to promote community health and wellness. He works long hours and goes above and beyond his regular duties. He inspires teamwork & the feeling of being a work family.”

A heritage of hard work

On how his heritage has shaped him, Tan shared, “The first generation Vietnamese people in our community are some of the hardest-working people that I know. This description is no different from when I describe my parents. I was born into a poor, working family trying to start a new life in the United States. My parents risked their lives fleeing Vietnam to seek a better life for their children as well as themselves.”  

Sacrificing for success

Tan adds, “They had to learn the basics of English and worked hard to send four sons through college (we were all attending college during my freshman year). They had a great work ethic and never made any excuses. They earned everything they got while sacrificing a lot. They expected greatness of us and demanded a score of 100 on all school assignments. They wanted us to excel in the classroom so we could have great jobs coming out of college, to not have to go through what they’ve endured. Now as an adult, I can truly appreciate the things they went through to make sure my brothers and I were successful.”

Thank you for the hard work and dedication you provide to our patients and community, Tan!

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