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Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Leader in Surgery, Gets Second Surgical Robot–the Newest da Vinci Xi

GULFPORT, Miss. —Memorial recently added a second unit to their robotic surgery suite: Intuitive Surgical’s new da Vinci® Xi™ System, the most advanced robotically assisted surgery technology available. In this latest round of advancements, surgeons have gained greater functionality in procedures requiring access to multiple areas of the pelvis, abdomen or chest. Now the same advantages offered before—smaller incisions, less blood loss during surgery, fewer complications and shorter recovery periods—can benefit twice as many patients whose complex problems may have previously ruled out this approach.

The public is invited to see this latest technology demonstrated in the lobby of Memorial Hospital at Gulfport on Wednesday, October 26.

  • How does the new da Vinci Xi compare to the earlier da Vinci Si system?
  • New design facilitates anatomical access from virtually any position
  • A simpler, more compact endoscope provides improved visual definition and clarity.
  • The camera/endoscope attaches to any of the 4 arms, providing flexibility for visualizing the surgical site.
  • Smaller, thinner arms with more flexible joints offer greater range of motion.
  • Longer instrument shafts give surgeons greater operative reach.

Additionally, the da Vinci Xi is compatible with the Intuitive Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Vision System, already in use at Memorial. Firefly’s real-time endoscopic, near-infrared fluorescence imaging, enables surgeons to use this advanced technology to better view anatomy, blood flow, tumor identification and have more successful outcomes.

Experience matters a great deal in complex robotic assisted procedures, especially those that treat cancer and other diagnoses within the urology, gynecology and general surgery fields. The volume of surgeries performed by a hospital has been shown to have a major positive impact on patient outcomes. The experienced surgical team—with a seasoned operating room staff uniquely dedicated to robotics—leads the way with more than 1,600 robotic procedures. Memorial surgeons regularly perform single incision robotic procedures as well as many other complicated surgeries. These procedures involve the colon, kidney, uterus, and prostate, just to name a few.  The Robotic Surgical Team at Memorial Hospital stays on the cutting edge by pioneering several procedures and caring for our community, right here at home.

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