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Balloon Weight Loss

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Gastric Balloon Procedure

The gastric balloon procedure may be a good solution for you if you want to lose 15-25 pounds and if diet and exercise alone have not been effective.

What is a gastric balloon procedure for weight loss?

The core of the program is the gastric balloon procedure starting with an evaluation by one of our gastroenterologists. The procedure consists of appropriate sedation followed by the insertion of a sterile water-filled silicone balloon through your mouth and into your stomach. Once it is in place, the balloon is inflated to the size of a full meal. The feeling of being full helps you make better decisions about what and how much to eat. Six months later, the balloon is endoscopically removed.

Why Memorial?

If you’ve struggled unsuccessfully to shed 15-25 stubborn pounds, Memorial’s gastric balloon weight loss system might be the answer you’re looking for. This procedure is meant to assist you with weight loss and help you make better decisions about how much to eat. A team of trained Memorial specialists steers you through a comprehensive program focused on portion control and long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes to produce dramatic weight loss in only six months.

How does it feel?

The gastric balloon makes you feel very full when you eat a small meal. Otherwise, you don’t know it’s there. If you are like some people who need a few days to adjust to the balloon, you may experience mild discomfort initially. This can be managed by your physician until it goes away. Ultimately, losing the weight should make you feel awesome.

What are the advantages?

The gastric balloon system has helped hundreds of thousands lose stubborn fat while improving health conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. The average patient lost three times the weight achieved with diet and exercise alone. While weight loss is rapid (mostly in the first three months) and the balloon is removed after six months, the program continues with 12 months of coaching and training to help you learn how to keep the weight off long term.